Lernlabor is a Berlin-based social business with charitable status

We create innovative educational, cultural and artistic projects.
Through our local and international activities we foster creativity, (inter)cultural exchange and lifelong learning.

Lernlabor has
three main areas of focus

Youth Participation

We provide young people with the skills, tools and support structures to strengthen their active citizenship and participation in democratic life.
We run local and international projects, co-designed by young people, that engage with issues that are relevant to youth.

Outdoor Education

From our local climbing projects in Berlin, to international expeditions in Norway, Spain and Ukraine, Outdoor Education is one of our core activities.
We train outdoor leaders and cooperate with professional outdoor educators and guides to offer a wide of activities for all levels of experience, ranging from novice to advanced.

Art & Culture

We organise local and international residencies for emerging artists in addition to training courses for youth workers and educators focusing on art and culture as a tool for non-formal education and youth work.

Our goal is for these three areas to complement each other synergistically through forging connections between grassroots initiatives at the local level, educational cooperation at the international level, and the sphere of policymaking.


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