a:part showcases the collaborative work of young German and Ukrainian-based artists who performed at a live hybrid event in Berlin and Poltava, synchronised in real time through high-volume data streaming between both locations. 

The results of the project can be viewed on the project website: www.apartberlinpoltava.net

The project was inspired and curated by Polina Tikk, who was motivated by the idea of finding a meaningful way of making art in the context of the Covid pandemic.  Seven interdisciplinary tandems were created to facilitate the online exchange of ideas and collaboration of the participants in both countries.  Although they have yet to meet in person, the artists served to bridge their enforced physical separation in their performances and, by doing so, to stretch the framework of artistic conceptual imagination.  The live event took place in Studio dB in Berlin and JUMP Contemporary Art Centre in Poltava on 11 December 2020. 

a:part was organised by Lernlabor and NGO Logos and funded by the MeetUp! programme.  

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